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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Alarms, Pepper Spray, Stun Gun Sale & More "Reilly, Ace of Spies"

 How Safe Are You & Your Family From Crime?
If you read the papers or listen to the news you know that crime is getting worse.  No one is safe on the streets. Even homes are getting dangerous. The number of home invasions is growing by the week.  What are you doing to protect your family, your home and yourself?  You need alarms, locks and non lethal  personal defense weapons?  How prepared are you.  Because we at  To Be Safe And Sound are concerned about your safety and security we have greatly reduced the prices of our safety and self defense products. Do visit us while we are having this huge special sale.  We have just the right pepper spray, stun gun and alarms that you need.

And now-- back to my favorite spy story of all times-- Reilly, Ace of Spies. Here we have Episode 2- Prelude to War -  Part 2.  Remember, this is a true story dating back to the First World War and dramatizes Britain's most famous spy of all times.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please leave any comments, questions and suggestions below.  Until the next installment.......

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stun Gun Sale & next "Reilly Ace of Spies"

Protect Yourself With a Self Defense Stun Gun - Now on Sale

All our stun guns and stun batons are on sale at 20% off for the next week. So be sure to go to our site and see what you need to defend yourself  if necessary.  We feature a wide variety of stun guns and non lethal self defense weapons for your protection. Some are so tiny that they can be hidden in the palm of your hand and even have strong LED flashlights for extra security.  You might prefer a stun gun that looks just like a cell phone. No one will know that you are carrying a self defense stun gun when you have an innocent looking cell phone stun gun in your hand. Take advantage of our sale while it lasts. Your safety and security is our business.

Now--back to our continuing mini series --"Reilly Ace of Spies". Today we have Episode 2 - "Prelude to War". Part 1.    Sidney Reilly was a real person and the most famous British Spy. This series take place during the era of the First World War.  Sit back and enjoy the video.  Let me know what you think of the series.  Comments, questions and suggestions are very welcome. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dogs! Some Can be Dangerous!

Most Dogs are Sweet and Wonderful But Not All

I was sadden to hear this morning about a woman who was going for a walk and was attacked by 3 huge mastiffs.  She is in hospital and so far there is no report of her condition. Police who were called to the scene shot and killed one dog and the others were finally captured but not before a number of helpful neighbors were bitten.  Some people actually used their cars trying to herd the animals. While I dearly love dogs I cannot condone the aggressive and dangerous actions of some.  No one knows who or what one will encounter on what should be a healthy, pleasant and safe walk or stroll.  It is a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected. Fortunately there are a couple of small devices  that can chase dangerous dog away by using high pitch sound that cannot be heard by the human ear. Dogs don't like this sound and humans cannot hear ultrasonic sound.  Both the High Pitch Sonic Animal Chaser and the High Pitch Ultrasonic Dog Repeller are useful gadgets to have when walking or bike riding.  Stay safe. We want you to be safe and sound.

Now, let's back to "Reilly, Ace of Spies". Today we are at the final video of Episode 1 -"An
Affair With a Married Woman".  Next blog post we will begin Episode 2 - "Prelude to War". Remember that Reilly was a real spy, supposedly, the most famous in Britain and this is my favorite spy story of all time.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Don't forget to leave me your comments, questions and suggestions, etc.  

"Reilly, Ace of Spies - Episode 1 part 8/8- An Affair with a Married Woman"

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Reilly Ace of Spies -- Romance and Music

 Spy Business -- Is it Really all Romance and Music? 

Sidney George Reilly, hero of the miniseries "Reilly Ace of Spies" was a real person, born in 1874  as Sigmund Georgeievich Rosenblum (Shlomo ben Hersh Rozenblium) in Odessa. He was Britain's most famous spy.  It is believed that he was the inspiration for Ian Fleming's James Bond.  Reily Ace of Spies is a romantized version of the spy profession even including the theme music that introduces the series -- Dmitri Shostakovich 's 'Romance' from The Gadfly. The music and the story go so well together.  I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do.

If you are interested in the spy business yourself, as either an amateur or professional  you can get all your gear at To Be Safe And Sound.

Here is Part 6 of 8 of Episode 1 - An Affair With a  Married Woman.

Please let me know how you like the series. Leave me you comments, suggestion or questions. I would love to hear from you.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

International Spy Museum

Too bad I no longer live in the Washington, DC area as I would very much like to visit the International Spy Museum at 800 F Street, NW.  They feature "wristwatch cameras, poison gas guns, a World War II Enigma cipher machine and other coding machines and disguises. 'Weapons of Mass Disruption.' An examination of the history of and pressing issues pertaining to cyber security." They also have a special program called "Operation Spy"  which is a live action spy adventure.

In their main exhibit you can examine over 200 spy gadgets, weapons, bugs, cameras, vehicles, and technologies. Learn about microdots and invisible ink.  I really look forward to my next visit to the capitol so I can get to see all this.  If you get to the museum before I do please get back to me and tell me all about it. (Just click on the comments below.)

In the meantime we can get back to my favorite spy story--the true story of Reilly Ace of Spies.  Here is  at Episode 1  " An Affair with a Married Woman" --  Part 5/8.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.  Please leave me your comments and questions.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank Goodness for Nanny Cams

Just this week a Jacksonville, Florida baby sitter was thrown in jail after she was caught on a nanny cam hitting, kicking and throwing things at an 11 month old child. Without the nanny cam the parents would not have known what was happening to their baby while he was in the care of the baby sitter. Infants can't tell what happened when their parents are not at home and small children may be too afraid to report abuse. It is sad to say, but without a nanny camera who can tell how their children are being treated in their absence. More mothers are in the work force than ever before and more and more children are being taken care of by others. Child safety is the most important thing that a parent has to oversee. If you have a nanny then you do need a nanny cam --- for the sake of the children. To Be Safe And Sound offers a fine selection of nanny cams and spy cameras. And between you and me I hope that the nanny in Jacksonville gets a long jail sentence and never again get a job anywhere near children.

Now here is the next episode of my favorite spy story as I promised on my last post.

Reilly, Ace of Spies - Episode 1 - An Affair with a Married Woman - Part 4

British Trash Reveals Spies

British Group Fears Trash Bin Spies

A new report in the UK warns that more than 2.6 million microchips have been placed in garbage bins to monitor what and how much people are throwing away in an effort to help reduce household waste. Isn't this going a bit too far? Britain already has loads of CCTV cameras planted around to help the police. What is next? Think about it? What has happened to the noble profession of spying? Would any of my favorite covert gents want to be involved in the contents of dust bins? Never! Unless they thought said garbage cans contained high security secrets.

You can get all your spy gear at To Be Safe And Sound.

Reilly, Ace of Spies certainly had better things to do with his time. Here we have Episode 1 part 3. Earthquake causes the railway line to stop service. Reilly needs to get away.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you like my pal, Reilly.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spy Scandal In Dubai

Everyone loves a good spy story and the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh is as good as it gets. No fiction writer could have done it better or made it sound more unbelievable. Eleven operatives to kill just one man? James Bond would have done it all by his lonesome with the assistance of one or two of his special spy gear gadgets.

So they just accuse the Israelis as usual. Would the Mossad do such sloppy work? No way!

And those forged passports! Why is it such a big deal? One would think that no spy agency in the world ever even considered using them. Which agency does not use fake passports? They would probably go out of business without them.

Why has this story about the killing of a really big bad guy been such a big deal? Because it is an intriguing spy story and makes great copy.

You can make up your own spy story with lots spy gadgets such as spy cameras, listening devices and tracking systems.

As I had promised earlier, here is Part 2 of Episode 1 --Reilly Ace of Spies --"An Affair With a Married Woman". Next part will be included in my next blog post. I hope you enjoy spy stories as much as I do. Please leave me your comments, questions, etc. What is your favorite spy story?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spy Gear -- Who Uses Them

Some of the fastest selling items today are spy gadgets. Who uses them and why? Historically spy equipment were the exclusive instruments of the professionals -- fictional characters like James Bond and real live spies like the mysterious Sidney Reilly, my all time favorite. Now days these tools of the trade are purchased by everyone and anyone at all. Why? We live in difficult times. Crime is at an all time high. Streets are not safe and more and home invasions are happening more and more often. This is a very sad state of affairs. The general public is buying security and surveillance cameras. They have videos cameras within their cellphones and some have tiny video cameras hidden in cigarette lighters or other small items. Wrist watches double as hidden microphones.

They can also play MP3 files and take dictation. Parents can track their teenages driving practices with a GPS tracking system. This same system can assist manufacturers and wholesalers to track valuable shipments. Families can check on the safety of their children by installing nanny cams to keep track of baby sitters and children while the parents are not at home.

Follow this blog to watch the continuing episodes of Reilly Ace of Spies. Following is Episode 1 - part 1 - "An Affair with a Married Woman".

Let me know what you think of this series. Please leave me your comments.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

James Bond's Cars -- Wow!

This video brought back memories of these great James Bond films that I loved to watch. His vehicles especially fascinated me and I could imagine myself with one of these wonder cars. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do.

James Bond can find some more gadgets and tools of his trade right here.